Harness the Power of Content Marketing and Reap the Benefits

By : Yash Khatri

February 11th , 2020

If you are a small business owner, then you've likely heard about the power of inbound marketing, a form of which is content marketing. In fact82% of marketers and small business owners see positive ROI when they invest in high-quality blog posts. The goal of content marketing is to provide value to the reader with the intention of improving brand recognition and increasing the lifetime value of a customer. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation, dissemination, and sharing of informative, problem-solving online material, such as videos, blog posts, infographics, long-form articles, and social media posts. Content does not explicitly aim to promote a brand or sell. It is, rather, intended to stimulate interest in your products or services and to position you as an approachable, helpful authority.

Why You Should Blog More Often?

Videos and social media posts are great ways to engage potential customers and educate them about your offerings. But the best chance for conversions happens when readers land on your blog.

Blogs are statistically proven to improve sales for a business if they are leveraged in the appropriate manner. Some benefits of blogging and content marketing in general are:

1. Provides Amazing ROI

Content marketing is about 60% cheaper than other forms of traditional advertising and marketing. A reader who lands on your blog from a search engine is far more likely to convert to a customer than someone who saw an ad or a banner advertisement. And this means your return on investment is much better than with traditional outbound marketing and advertising.

2. IncreaseTraffic From Search Engines (Organic SEO)

Google and other search engines prefer websites that regularly create high-quality content. Blogging regularly means that search engines will consider you an authority in your industry and push your search rankings higher over time. This brings in more readers to your blog and more eyeballs to your website – and, ultimately more sales and loyal customers/clients.

3. Allows You to Reach and Target Your Ideal Customers

Content marketing allows you to offer content that resonates with your ideal customers (If you don’t yet know exactly who they are, I recommend creating an ideal customer profile.) Content marketing gives you the power to create highly targeted marketing messages that can reach a narrow audience and convert them into paying customers.

Let's say you own a beachside resort that caters primarily to honeymooning couples and offers an elegant, romantic, and quiet ambiance. You craft targeted pieces of content like videos, images, and blog posts outlining the benefits of relaxation and then push them through your company blog and social channelsWhen you do this, you target specifically those who are newlyweds to help them get to your website and give them the subtle push required to purchase your offering. 

4. Establishes Credibility

As consumers, we trust businesses that have been around for a long time because that longevity provides automatic credibility and authority. In the online space, with the help of the right kind of content, you can build credibility by providing informative, expert content and by showing social proof that you are the best at what you do. 

You can leverage social channels to build credibility by getting testimonials and feedback from your clientele, by responding to complaints in a way that positions you as an industry leader, and by creating a brand that customers can relate to and stand by – all of which is can be accomplished by regularly publishing valuable content.

5. Builds Your Brand and Improves Brand Recall 

Content marketing is the most effective way to build a brand and improve recognition for the brand that you have built. By consistently sending out targeted marketing messages in the form of content (especially blog posts), you build a brand that people recognize and resonate with. This helps in improving sales and positions you as a go-to provider in your market.

6. Acts As An Effective Lead Magnet 

Content marketing allows you to get warm leads for a fraction of the cost of any other method of marketing. Building sales funnels using blog posts and other types of content allows people to come in contact with your brand. You can leverage this and try to convert them using various sales techniques. 

7. Less Annoying Than Traditional Outbound Marketing 

It’s no secret that a lot of consumers don’t respond well to the traditional ways of marketing a product or service. This gap is filled by content marketing as it blends in with the organic content and helps your customers get a lot of value from your offering, thus making it much more palatable for consumers.

The Best Reason to Use Content Marketing

The life of a long-form piece of content, particularly a blog, is fairly long. And it can also be repurposed to multiple smaller pieces of content without investing a lot of time or energy into it. Best of all, content works like a snowball rolling down a mountainside – it just keeps growing and gaining momentum. The longer your content is out there, the more effective it becomes. It gets shared and re-shared, you get more backlinks, and increasingly more people come to your site and see what you have to offer. 

Content marketing is also cost-effective which makes it one of the best investments you can make in marketing your small business. So get started with content marketing today.

You Really CAN Great Content at Great Prices

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Yash is a long-form content marketing writer and online marketing specialist who enjoys helping businesses scale their digital marketing efforts. Feel free to get in touch via email at Yk3297@gmail.com or on LinkedIn. Website: Yashakhatri.com

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