Repurposing Marketing Content – How to Work Smarter for Greater ROI

By : Michael Hearing

December 17th , 2016

Repurposing Marketing Content – How to Work Smarter for Greater ROI

We're all stretched mighty thin these days. Time and money are short, and there's always too much to do. The key, then, is for us to work smarter and maximize the use of our limited resources. And repurposing content is one sure-enough smart way to do that.

Say, for instance, you've written or commissioned a lengthy informative article to put on your website and submit to article directories. It doesn't have to end there, you know? That same article, with just minor adjustments, can do lots of other jobs for you.

You could take that article, excise the drier bits, and make it just a little more conversational. Then you could easily use it as a blog post. Or you could play up the newsworthy parts of the article so it becomes a news release for even wider exposure. Or, again, if the article says anything about your company's success in some area, you could easily expand that part. And, then, after maybe conducting and including a brief interview or two with happy clients/customers, you've got a case study – a highly effective tool for convincing readers that your product or service is the one they need.

Just be careful, though. You have to make sure that your repurposed content meets the criteria for each genre of marketing content. Also, you'll need to avoid too much repetitive phrasing so that each repurposed piece can stand on its own as unique content. And this is where an expert content creator can help you out. 

For clicks, clients, and profit, your online business presence needs content – and lots of it. So why not, with very little effort and at minimal expense, make that blog post or article do double, triple, or even quadruple duty?

Michael Hearing is an Oklahoma-based content creator and marketing copywriter with 20+ years of experience. Michael has been writing for's clients for 5 months. Photo courtesy of HD Premium Shots/

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