UI/UX How to Harness Content for a Superb User Experience

By : Annie Donnelly

December 17th , 2016

UX relates to how users experience your website. Can they navigate it easily? Can they find what they're looking for? Can they learn while they’re there? These are a few general questions to ask when evaluating the usability of your website + your content.

The foundation of good UX is knowing your customer or visitor and having empathy for them. You need to understand your demographic, what they're looking for and why. Once you have this foundational knowledge you can begin to design your website and construct content in line with their wants and needs. 

Every user nowadays expects more than a product. They expect an experience. They expect a peek into the lifestyle they'll have with your product– what they’ll gain by signing on to whatever you’re offering. This comes down to content and seamlessly integrating said content into your user’s experience.

As a brand, you need to inform the user, meet their needs, and delight them along the way. These are the three key components of a successful user experience and successful content marketing. Before delving into creating a superb user experience with your content, it’s imperative to first, ensure that your content is what your user will actually want to read. What topics will interest your key demographic and fit into your product category? By writing content that relates to all aspects of your niche, casting a wide net so to speak, you will bring users to your site. How? That’s where UX comes in. 

Good UX is achieved when clear information is given in a straightforward manner– this simple technique will ultimately lead to solid keyword placement and link structure. If the content straightforward, clear and focused then keywords will appear naturally-- you don't need to force this when things are well written. Naturally increase search result rankings by internally linking to your site and your products, thus creating a seamless user journey. 

Show users what they need to know only when they’ll need to know it; don’t rush them, but guide them. Make sure you introduce your brand and clearly demonstrate how it fits into the conversation you’re casting your voice into. Presenting general content for your niche is an important part of drawing users in and gaining visibility with your demographic. Follow it up with more specific pieces of content. Show the details of your product, show it in context. Position it so that it fits easily into your users’ lives.  

Be thoughtful of your user’s journey-- where are they coming from and where they're going. Demonstrate how your product or service weaves into a larger story. Position yourself. Make it digestible. Design your site with high impact content in mind. Above all, know that content marketing can do wonders for your users as well as your brand. Endeavor to inform, delight and meet the needs of your users and you will see how content marketing and amazing UX go hand in hand. 

Annie Donnelly is a new writer for Getblogpost.com. Photo courtesy of: scyther5/Bigstock.com

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