Why You Should Outsource Your Blog Writing

By : Erik Stoddard

January 4th , 2017

Ever since I learned about the importance of content on a small business website, I have had a love-hate relationship with the ordeal. I spent hours adding "SEO-friendly" content to my website in order to get Google's approval. Fortunately, I saw results fairly quick. I was in a very seasonal business, lawn care. Luckily I had some time off in the winter to work on my website.

Once I had all the regular page content created, I turned to the blog page. I instantly froze! What was I going to write about? I sat in front of a blank Word document for what seemed to be half the day. Facebook scrolling would break up the monotony of staring at the crisp white screen. This must be writer's block, I'd thought. It's important to note that I am not a writer. I thought I was until I wrote my first college paper. The professor begged to differ. I was at the half of the class that made the top half possible!

I never did get more than 6 blog posts written in the several years I had my local business. I was just too busy once spring came along. I tried a few times to get blog posts written for me. I was definitely keen on outsourcing business tasks that I didn't like to do (or couldn't). I hit up the more popular freelancing sites where you post gigs and freelancers bid on them. You then have to somehow screen them and pick the right one. It seemed like a lottery. Most writers that applied were from overseas and their English wasn't up to par. I also ordered a few Fiverr gigs which never panned out either.

I created this business, Getblogpost.com, to make outsourcing your blog writing easy. It's so simple. A business owner just has to sign up for a monthly plan based on the number of total words they need each month. Each time they want a blog post written, they log in to their dashboard, fill out a simple form, and submit it. From there, a writer writes a first draft and the client gets to review it. If the client wants a revision, they just ask. 

It's nice that I built a pretty elaborate web app to assist myself in writing blog posts. I solved my own problem and want to solve yours too!

Erik Stoddard is the founder of Getblogpost.com. Not a writer by trade, Erik saw the need for an easier way for business owners to get blog posts written for their websites. Erik is committed to matching clients to freelance writers for their blog post writing needs.

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